About Us

Guerrilla Charm was founded with a seed of an idea.

Two sisters started Alternative Apothecary, LLC in 2015, with a focus of selling high quality essential oil jewelry and supplies.  After the success of our initial business, my sister developed a habit of scouring our charm suppliers and buying every cute thing she could find. More often than not, she would hand me a box of recently arrived charms and say "Here, do something with these." This eventually led to an over abundance of charms, supplies, and boxes of "Do something with these."

So now, I'm doing something with them.

I went guerrilla.

I started selling our abundance of supplies to you at a discounted rate, carrying over the same high standards of quality and customer service from our Alternative Apothecary business, in the hopes that I can get this stash out of my house, into yours, and you can find something to do with these!